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Build and run business-critical workloads within Office 365

Use webparts360 to quickly build applications or automate processes that works INSIDE Office 365.


Deliver business critical applications quickly

Free your resources from worrying about security and infrastructure. Focus instead, on building apps to streamline processes that works with your LOB data . 

Reduce technical debt

Build any applications by configuring only 3 widgets, input (with process), output and navigation. No compile, just configure and run!

Improve process agility

Since your applications are configured, it's easier and faster to change and extend your solutions to meet your business growing needs

Build re-usable best practices

Every solution you build becomes a reusable template that you can change or adapt for another workload.

Enable Teams collaboration

Surface your solutions within Teams as tabs and notifications as posts for added convenience and responsiveness

Unleash the hidden potential of Office 365

When you put your LOB data into Office 365, it transform into a business critical platform complete with communication and productivity capabilities.


For decades, Webparts360 have been surfacing back-end data into SharePoint to automate processes between employees, customers and partners.

Leverage on our solutions and experience to give you a head-start on your digital transformation journey on the platform that you are already paying for.


Isn't it time to increase your ROI and enjoy its full potential? 

Digital Transformation Affects Everyone

Click on the respective roles to see how...




Human Resources

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Whether you're looking to automate forms, create workflows, or develop comprehensive applications, Webparts360 is the ideal tool for the task.


Not convinced or confused?

Reach out to us for a no-obligations assessment or demonstration.

You'll may never know until you try.

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