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Build and run business-critical workloads within Microsoft 365

Use webparts360 to quickly build applications or automate processes that works INSIDE Office 365.


AI: The search is over, let the automation begins.

Unleash AI to unlock corporate data to boost productivity and enhance user engagement.

Reduce technical debt

Embrace Microsoft 365 as your digitalization platform to deliver a single view of work.

Digitalization Unleashed

Embrace cloud to free your IT resources from worrying about security and infrastructure. Focus empowering business to digitalize their operations instead.

Use AI to beat your competition

Leverage on AI to improve their productivity and efficiency by 5-10X to win in the marketplace.

Accumulate data & build insights

Automate business process to collect data for reporting and analysis as you streamline operations

From employees to digital warriors

Empower your users to connect, coordinate and control their operations 

Unleash the hidden potential of Microsoft 365

When you put your LOB data into Microsoft 365, you transform it into a business critical platform complete with communication and productivity capabilities.


For decades, Webparts360 have been surfacing back-end data into SharePoint to automate processes between employees, customers and partners.

Leverage on our solutions and experience to give you a head-start on your digital transformation journey on the platform that you are already paying for.


Isn't it time to increase your ROI and enjoy its full potential? 

Digital Transformation Affects Everyone

Click on the respective roles to see how...




Human Resources

Are You Ready to Accelerate or AI Your Business?

Unleash the secrets of Webparts360: Automation powerhouse, workflow wizard, and AI mastermind rolled into one.


But don't take our word for it. Book your exclusive no-obligation demo and witness the magic firsthand.


Limited slots available, so be quick!

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