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Build business critical solutions on Microsoft 365

Solutions Designer

Webparts360 AppStudio is an application development tool that allows you to construct custom solutions within SharePoint by connecting to back-end databases. You assemble solutions by configuring its user interface using a library of standard components, which handle input, output, and navigation. This solutions can be easily reused by packaging them as templates and deploying them to other SharePoint sites.


With Webparts360, you can transform any SharePoint list into a state machine transactional form with actions and granular permission controls. The form saves data to SQL, overcoming SharePoint limitations, and can be invoked as a REST API to facilitate the orchestration of different processes.


Webparts360 offers a versatile component that can display data in various formats, including data grids, Gantt charts, calendars, and charts. You can customize the layout with HTML and CSS, and the component can display contextual data based on variables or system parameters to ensure the right information is delivered to the right person in the right format.


Webparts360's menu component provides dynamic and contextual navigation within your solution, using customizable menu templates to make it easy for users to find what they need. This helps to facilitate controlled access to pages within your solution. 

We Play Well With Microsoft 365

Webparts360 solutions can be easily integrated into Microsoft Teams by adding SharePoint pages as tabs. In addition, notifications from your applications can be delivered to Teams activity streams as adaptive cards, which can invoke business processes built with Webparts360. By using Microsoft Graph API, you can seamlessly integrate your solutions with any workload within Microsoft 365. Now, with AI integration, Webparts360 transforms your document libraries or databases into intelligent chatbots, serving both employees and customers efficiently.

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