Enterprise value at SME price

With a looming global downturn, CFO are stressed over how to maintain or grow their business, while keeping costs down. But you know that business will do better when your teams work together to tackle the most pressing challenges faced by your organization today.


If you do not think you have the necessary collaboration and information system today, perhaps you might need to reconsider how you have been doing it all this while. Give this a try, tell IT to "Cut the IT budget by 15%, but still get critical digital business initiatives implemented.“ and ask them to suggest how they can do it?


Here are some of the recent reasons why IT has changed?

  • Technology has become more complex, especially around security

  • Software vendors have shifted from a CAPEX to an OPEX business model

  • Cloud computing is more reliable with advancement in telecommunications

  • Shared solutions are more affordable because of economies of scale

  • Best practices for keeping systems running are better left to the experts


So if your business is NOT in IT, then your company's interest is best served by using technology to improve your business operations rather running an in-house IT department to compete with the same people who provide you with the same technology in the first place. If your business is currently using Microsoft, consider outsourcing your business collaboration and computing platform to them.


Here are some steps that you might want to consider:

  1. Assess your current IT solutions costs and capabilities to determine your total costs of ownership

  2. Compare it with what your vendor offer on the cloud, in terms of capabilities, security and costs - to bridge the gaps

  3. Start a pilot project to study its impact to your business in terms of value add and running costs

  4. If it makes business sense, start your migration using what you learned in your pilot project as an incentive for change

  5. If your current IT team lacks the capability, consider using the services of Microsoft's partners to jump start this process