Resilient and agile workforce

From our experience, it is unlikely that any CEO will be reading this page. Between growing revenue and building alliances, there's hardly time for them to focus on IT matters. Unfortunately, since digital transformation is not specifically a responsibility in the JD of your IT leadership team, this is the ONE thing that will be ignored despite its importance to the long term survival and prosperity of your organization.

Traditionally, most IT managers are tasked to keep the lights on. So whenever they migrate to the cloud, it becomes a "settled problem" that is easily forgotten. After all, adopting new technology requires changing the processes and mindset. None of which is in their JD. Why would they bother, especially if others are recognized for their effort? Ask yourself this, who would be rewarded if the following were improved?  

  • Create better alignment between strategy and execution

  • Drive ideation and innovation within your organization   

  • Promote high trust and secured internal collaboration

  • Data culture and ownership to build business insights

  • Strong human firewall to secure your workplace

  • Create a knowledge-sharing culture that focuses on digital skills

I would be surprised if your answer is IT. Doesn't your digital transformation journey begin with its business leaders? Would you or have anyone in your team suggested addressing these challenges using Office 365? Consider what you already have:

  • Global secured computing platform

  • Decades of familiarity and experience with its productivity tools

  • In-built non-technical user empowerment tools for digitalization


Your IT will NOT start until you take charge. If they do not know where to start, at least now you know who can help them...