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Providing Everything You Need To Unleash SharePoint with Webparts360


SharePoint Masterclass

This is an adoption training for SharePoint. The goal is to equip your IT support team with a better understanding of how train and support users to build their own intranet using out-of-the-box SharePoint features.

It covers how to design and implement self-service portal, including planning and creating sites, configuring permissions control, managing document libraries, implementing lists and build pages with web parts.

At the end of the course, the participant would have been their own departmental intranet.


Webparts360 Development

This is a introductory course on how to build solutions using Webparts360. It covers the design concepts and how to use the key features from SharePoint to implement a project portfolio management solution complete with approvals.

You will build contextual drill-through workspace and contextual dashboards & reports. It also includes multi-step approval workflows complete with email notifications. It covers all the web parts for transaction, report and navigation. It also covers packaging the solution and deploying it to another site.


Approval BPM Template

This is an advanced course on how to build a centralized approval system using a BPM template. The includes 3 solution, an approval dashboard, centralized authorization definitions and the standard process workload.


Since this is an advanced course, participants must have attended Webparts360 development course and have basic understanding of T-SQL and HTML which are used to create this template.  The training consists of showing you how the various components are constructed and we will implement at least 2 approval process to demonstrate how flexible and efficient this solution is, for delivering a single view of approvals within just a few days. 

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