Turning data into insights

Power BI have changed the way we looking at data now.  While previously we were content to be able to display data as dashboards and charts but other than drill-through, each widget behaved quite independently. Now with Power BI data visualization capabilities, we can easily see connectivity between each dimensions that helps to uncover insights like never before.

With our years of experience working with data models and our ability to connect and enrich data across different platforms, we can help you to analyze your data to further your quest of helping your stakeholders to make informed decisions.

Do reach out to us should you want to unleash the true potential Power BI on your dataset.  

Building a good dashboard is more than learning how to use the tools or how good you are in designing beautiful charts. Ultimately, it's about harnessing your data for better insights. From our experience, 70% of the effort goes to preparing your dataset, from data cleansing to data enrichment. That's what makes Power BI projects an art form rather than a technical implementation. It is delicate balance between simplicity, clarity and performance where experience matters. 

With Webparts360, you can create a master inventory of all the servers, applications, datasets and reports within your organization where users can request for access or changes directly from the data stewards.