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Our Mission

Our goal is to make it easy to integrate business workloads into Office 365. This means no programming is required, only simple configurations. We strive to create reusable solutions, processes, and data that are easy to use and effective. By incorporating data and processes from your back-end systems, you can build applications that can impact business performance. When all of this is successfully integrated into Office 365, it becomes easier to justify the effort and investment required.

Our Story

We originally developed CRM solutions as an independent software developer. However, we found that achieving the necessary security and scalability for enterprise customers required significant effort and investment. As a result, we decided to use SharePoint as our platform to take advantage of Microsoft's scalability and security, thus allowing us to focus on capturing data and automating workflows.


Webparts360 was developed to improve the functionality of SharePoint for enterprise use cases. We create components and services to enhance data connectivity, machine state transaction processing, personalized dynamic navigation, and other features needed to transform SharePoint into a system of engagement.


We had the opportunity to work with Microsoft and migrate thousands of apps for their largest clients as Lotus Notes customers migrated to SharePoint. This gave us a deep understanding of enterprise processes, which we have used to enhance and refine our development tool for over a decade.


Webparts360 may appear to be a simple tool with only three components, but it is powerful enough to build solutions to support the distribution of the largest brewery or the management of a multi-billion dollar hedge fund portfolio. If our tool are capable of building solutions for such important business workloads, consider how we can help you get more done with Office 365.

We have received numerous awards for our work in application development on Microsoft Office, including Microsoft's APAC Solution Builder Program and Microsoft Malaysia's "Collaboration Product of the Year."


Our success has allowed us to expand internationally, and we were the first Asia Pacific partner to showcase our technology at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference in the US. We have also been recognized as a finalist for the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance awards in the "Best of Applications & Infrastructure Tools" category.


Since 2018, we have co-organized the AMS conference (Azure | Microsoft 365 | SharePoint) in Malaysia, bringing together experts and MVPs to share and educate about Microsoft's latest technology.

Industry accolades and community involvement

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