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Generative AI

Embed your SharePoint data into chatGPT 

Connected Golden Spheres
Old Fashioned Library

Retrieval Augmented Generation

Unleash the Knowledge Powerhouse Within Your SharePoint Libraries:

Say Goodbye to Reading, Hello to Instant Answers!

Boost employee productivity and customer satisfaction with an intelligent chatbot that knows your business inside-out.  


  • Sales leads instantly receive personalized responses, crafted by your top rep's wisdom. No more searching manuals, just immediate advice to close deals.

  • Support tickets resolved in seconds, powered by the combined knowledge of your entire team. Customers get answers, agents get freed up, and everyone wins.

  • Forget 200-page tomes! AI mines your documents, extracting the gold nuggets and delivering concise answers directly to fingertips. Say goodbye to information overload, hello to clarity and efficiency.


We unlock the hidden power of your existing content:

  • Work with your team to turn SharePoint document libraries from dusty archives into vibrant knowledge wells. We mine every word, extracting answers for every need.

  • Curated answer sets for employees, sales teams, tech support, and even customers. No more one-size-fits-all, AI personalizes knowledge delivery.

  • Language barriers disappear – AI delivers answers in the user's preferred tongue. Global communication made effortless.


Don't settle for underutilized document libraries! Unleash the AI genius within and watch your organization soar:

  • Boost sales with a bot powered by your top performers.

  • Delight customers with a support bot that knows everything.

  • Streamline internal operations with AI-powered bots for HR, service, and beyond.

Ready to ditch the document drudgery and embrace the age of instant knowledge? Let's chat!

Connected Golden Spheres

AI Meeting Minutes

Turn your meetings into actions and insights


How it works

  • Schedule your meetings in Teams

  • Turn on recording or transcription during meeting

  • When the meeting has concluded, our AI agent will summarize the meetings according to minute template.

  • Email to meeting organizer and/or attendees when the report is ready.


Configurable Meeting Summary:

  • Key Points Discussed

  • Next Actions

  • Participants sentiments

  • Overall sentiments


Ready to ditch meetings documentation drudgery and leverage on AI to free them to solve problems.

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