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Leverage on cloud and LOB

IT teams can significantly improve the value they provide to the business by shifting their focus from "keeping the lights on" tasks to "empowering the business." To make this transition, it's essential to embrace security best practices, prioritize adoption and training efforts, and connect and surface data from back-end systems to gain a deeper understanding of business needs. By configuring Office 365 and integrating with line-of-business (LOB) data systems, your team can build out your "systems of engagement" at your own pace, enabling greater efficiency and agility within the organization.

Senior Digital Programmer
Senior Digital Programmer


To drive digital transformation within your organization, consider taking the following steps:

  • Adopt and implement Microsoft's security best practices.

  • Enable and support Office 365 self-service administration functions to promote agility and efficiency.

  • Nurture the digital skills of managers and power users to build up local talent and expertise.

  • Lead by example by implementing self-service functions within your IT department.

  • Build an intranet using SharePoint to create a central hub for communication and collaboration.

  • Share IT analytics with your stakeholders to demonstrate the value of data and inform decision-making.

  • Initiate projects to surface LOB data and explore the possibilities and challenges of integrating this data into your cloud office.

  • Learn about low-code opportunities and encourage DIY talents to uncover new ways of leveraging technology to drive business value.


There are several key ways that your organization can leverage the security and scalability of Office 365 to sustain growth:

  1. Gain better control over your LOB data by integrating it into your cloud office.

  2. Integrate business-critical workloads into Office 365 to drive user acceptance and adoption.

  3. Empower business users to manage their own content and processes, freeing up IT resources to focus on more strategic initiatives.

  4. Prepare and train your team to adopt a mindset of "empowering the business" and maximizing the value of technology.

  5. Reduce technical debt by consolidating apps onto SharePoint, simplifying your IT landscape and making it easier to manage.


By focusing on these areas, you can maximize your ROI from Office 365 and drive greater efficiency and effectiveness within your organization.

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