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Reflecting on AMS KL 2023...

It's been a whirlwind since our incredible conference on October 19th. The dust has settled, the presentations have replayed a thousand times in our minds, and a warm glow of inspiration and connection lingers. Let's rewind and relive the magic, shall we?

First off, a huge shoutout to our 24 phenomenal speakers. They invested not just their expertise, but also their own funds and precious time, traveling halfway across the globe to share their wisdom with us. From their insightful talks to their engaging Q&A sessions, they poured their hearts into the event, earning our deepest admiration and gratitude.

Remember that packed ballroom? We did too! Our 200+ attendees proved their dedication, soaking up knowledge across our usual business, IT pro, and developer tracks. This year, we added a special twist with a masterclass on PowerApps and a deep dive into AI's impact on Asian businesses. The air crackled with anticipation as we explored the potential for disruption and automation in the face of an anticipated economic slowdown. Were the answers definitive? Perhaps not, but the conversations, debates, and shared insights were invaluable.

Speaking of value, we couldn't help but admire the speakers' unwavering spirit. After gracing us with their brilliance, they immediately jetted off to Singapore and Manila for the next stops on their whirlwind tour. That's right, they shared their knowledge across three bustling hubs within a single weekend! Talk about dedication to your community!

So, did you find the answers you were seeking? Did your perspective shift? Did you forge new connections and ignite fresh ideas? We hope so! This conference was about more than just presentations and panels; it was about sparking discourse, challenging assumptions, and building a vibrant community of thinkers and doers.

So, mark your calendars! We'll be back next year, ready to delve deeper, explore new frontiers, and perhaps even invite our beloved speakers for a more leisurely stay next time. Until then, let the conversations continue, the insights simmer, and the inspiration guide your journey.

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