Data finding people

Business forms are common workloads that can help your team to be more responsive. Webparts360 e-form templates help organizations to accelerate delivery of paperless approvals for internal requests forms such as leave, travel, expense reimbursement, procurement, projects and etc...

Coupled with workflow and SLA notifications, the solution helps to get the right information to the right person, at the right time in order to improve business agility and productivity while driving employee's satisfaction.



Friendly forms

This solution makes it easy to build intuitive forms to make data entry easy to use.


It supports data validations and default values to ensure that your data is correct and complete.  You can attach supporting documents and its audit trails keep tracks of all changes.


You can configure its workflow to fit your most needs without any programming complete with alerts and reminder email notifications to get your team to complete the process as soon as possible.

Single view of approvals

By sharing a common view of approvals, management and business process owners enjoy a bird's eye view of approvals tasks so that they can identify bottlenecks and process performance.


This helps them to gain better insight into decision-making processes so that they can better design their processes and manage their resources more efficiently and effectively.


A picture is worth a thousand words and charts show you insights that you so easily missed with numbers. Using Power BI, we help your data to come alive to support your goal of helping everyone to make informed decisions.

Recently, we organized AOS SEA 2020 first online event and we used Power BI to analyze the data created. If you are curious to see what gets left behind, cllick HERE