Do you sway?

One of the best kept secret in Microsoft 365 is Sway. Whenever I ask any Microsoft 365 customers if they are using Sway, they will give me a perplexed look, almost as if they were asking "What's Sway?".

Before I answer that question, allow me to rant about my half a century "love-hate" relationship with email. Since Ray Tomlinson sent "Testing123" to himself, email has exploded and overtaken most other communication methods. Today, there are 4.1 billion email users that sends an average of 316 billions of emails each day that is responsible for 94% of cyberattacks! Making it your most vulnerable communication channel in your organization.

So when you have to send a quotation, is email your best choice? Hmmm... Does it let you know if your customers have received it? Does it tell you how much time your customer spent reading it? Did he go through everything that you shared? Did he forward it to his colleagues or friends? Are you able to incorporate a video or audio file within? Are you able to retract your quotation if you change your mind?

If you are tired of getting "NO" as an answer, then you should learn to sway.

What you see above is a Sway. I use it whenever I need to know what my audience is doing with my contents. From marketing events to sales proposal, it is my favorite tool for sharing information with my clients, because I love to see this...

Therefore, if you are interested to learn more do join my upcoming event next Tuesday 24th Aug 11am by registering HERE.

Or if you are busy then, join me at the upcoming AMS SEA conference.

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