Digitalization made simpler

According to a famous Scientific American survey, 65% of the population believes in the myth that we only use 10% of our brain capacity. While it seems absurd to see so much go to waste, it never surprises me whenever I see so many customers subscribing Office 365 mainly for its email, Teams, Office and OneDrive.

Seriously, what else are you using it for? How many of these functions have customized to fit into your business needs? What kind of business critical workloads or processes are you using Office 365 for?

For most companies, email is the core communication tool and Office is their main productivity tool - therefore putting all these documents into OneDrive and/or Teams is the most logical way to promote team collaboration. Great first step - then what? What else can you do to improve team work in your organization? What about Planner? SharePoint? PowerApps, Power BI, Power Automate, Yammer, Forms, Stream and etc.?

Yes, Microsoft have bundled a lot of software and services within Office 365. Each of them have their advantages and some with its weakness. Obviously, some features do overlap and it gets confusing over time. The key goal is NOT to use all of them but to optimize its use to improve your operations.

What is the key to improving your operations? For most organization, it is about:

  • improve alignment to business strategy

  • increase management's visibility and control over activities

  • strengthen security while driving team's responsiveness

In layman terms, this means:

  • replace paperwork with digital forms

  • improve communication by replacing emails with groupware

  • build data insights by improving Excel reports

In this season of information overload, reducing email makes good business sense...

And of course, if you want to improve management's visibility and insight go beyond Excel.

Consider how and what Office 365 can help if you needed to pursue these goals?

Isn't all these goals the same as your digital transformation journey?

For our clients, it's all about making things more convenient and accessible for their users because it is expected of them...

What about yours? Do contact us if you like to see these working for your team too :)

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