AMS KL 2022 Healthcare Track

This year's aMS (Azure | Microsoft 365 | SharePoint) conference was well attended by some 136 participants. We had only had 10 foreign speakers because air travel has become so expensive post COVID.

Therefore, we were so grateful to Paul Swider who flew all the way from Boston USA to speak about healthcare. Paul is an Acceleration Economy Analyst focused on healthcare technology and the Chief Philanthropy Officer for RealActivity, a Boston-based SaaS startup, focused on streamlining healthcare operations and improving the patient-provider experience. Paul is also the Founder and community engagement lead for the Boston Healthcare Technology User Group.

His decades of experience in technology and healthcare brings a unique subject matter expert perspective that is helping Microsoft to architect their cloud for healthcare solution.

It was a great moment of sharing as we begin to understand the foundation strategy for Microsoft cloud for healthcare.

And it starts by leveraging on the HL7® FHIR® (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources 1) standard that defines how healthcare information can be exchanged between different computer systems regardless of how it is stored in those systems.

Without ripping or replacing the underlying systems, it allows Dynamics 365 customers to create "a single view of health" by building a complete view of a patient record quickly and securely.

This is one of secret sauce of Microsoft cloud for healthcare. For more details, visit

This session was attended by some of biggest healthcare players in Malaysia (70% of private hospitals) and the ensuing discussion helped everyone to learn more about what's needed and its challenges ahead.

Look out for Microsoft industry cloud for healthcare availability in your region.

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