AMS 2021 - edu track

Last October, we organized our rebranded AOS conference - AMS - to reflect the name change of Office 365 to Microsoft 365. So now AMS is the acronym for Azure | Microsoft 365 | SharePoint! We also added an education track with the help of Fedelis - the new GTP partner of the year.

GTP stands for Global Training Partner is special program for the education sector. I have been helping out in this program for the past 3 years, and it have been a humbling experience. If you are an IT manager, and you are complaining about dwindling budget and increasing demands, you will be glad that you are NOT in the education sector. It is far more tougher because their users are extremely resistant to change. The normal carrots and sticks does not apply. Many of the people who work in the education sector do so because they do not like the pressure and pace in the commercial sector. So if you do not have a proper change management team, you will be in for a surprise.

Since I was hosting this track, we included change management experts instead of just the usual technical gurus that we are accustomed to. I truly enjoy the talk with Adrian Yao - the academic director for Methodist College KL who shared their experience of moving to the cloud during the pandemic. For those who missed it, we posted it on YouTube.

In fact, we posted the entire conference on YouTube so that you can relive the experience for the IT Pro, Business, Developers and Education track. And as usual, we ate our own dog food, i.e. I consolidated all the data and publish it into a Power BI report.

A big thanks to my fellow organizers, speakers and of course, you - the participants. Until 2022, and hopefully when we can have in-person conference again, stay safe and keep looking out for upcoming events at

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