How to justify Office 365 subscription to your organization?

Most people tend to prefer to view things from their own perspective. Take cloud computing, for instance...

Whenever we start a conversation with the IT manager about costs savings with Office 365, they will only consider what they are paying for previously. And that usually means Microsoft Office license cost.

For example, the on-premise software license for 1,000 users all the components of Office 365 E3 subscription comes up to $705,450 against its $20 per user/month gets you 35 months of usage. But they usually fail to consider the associated hardware and deployment costs with getting the system to work. Nor will they consider the dev ops running costs of keeping the lights on. Or the time savings in being able to deploy the solutions in days versus months.

Let me take a new approach instead? Consider if you want to run your business on the cloud...

  • Cloud Office = $20

  • CRM (Salesforce) = $125

  • Projects (MS Project) = $35

  • HR (Workday) = $20

  • Helpdesk (Service Now) = $100

  • Procurement (Ariba) = $50

That makes Office 365 subscription looks rather low. Imagine, you can have all these solutions running on Office 365. Imagine the reporting and analysis that you can perform, having it all on the same platform.

In conclusion, Office 365 offers tremendous value when you adopt it with a platform approach to consolidate the different workloads into a single cloud platform. Extending your systems beyond employees, to customers and business partners.

Partner with us to make this a reality in your digital transformation journey.


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