1. Integrate business data and processes into Office 365

Use Azure as a hybrid data mashup platform that connects LOB data stored in back end databases and combines them with unstructured contents within the Office productivity suite to deliver secured and customizable business solutions.

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2. Create paperless business solutions to digitalize business

Use solutions templates to accelerate delivery of business process automation that replaces paper forms with "signature-ready" business forms on mobile devices with structured workflows and audit trails.

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3. Deliver a single view of work

Reorganized Office 365 contents around business context such as sales automation, projects management, employee self-service, procurement and etc... on the same platform so that information finds users instead of the other way around.


4. Drive Teams responsiveness

SmartChat is an intelligent chatbot that can connect your workflow and business processes directly into Microsoft Teams so that you can submit or approve requests quickly as easy as chatting with your colleagues. SmartChat converts business activities into conversations that drive business performance.