Webparts360 for Office 365 is a next-generation cloud application development tool that allows you to re-organize the different Office 365 workloads around business contexts, such as projects management, procurement, employee self-service and etc… Back-end corporate data can be securely incorporated into your apps so that business rules are applied as you automate your business processes. As you can see your data on the entire platform, it becomes the ideal place to deliver a single view of work for your users.

e-Form Solution Accelerator

This solution template helps you to use Office 365 to power business forms approvals workflow. Since one of the most important goals of automation is to improve team's performance, we usually start with having a process summary dashboard that shows what's happening in your organization.

Figure 1: Process Summary Analysis


By changing the focus from contents to business context, your users will be able to focus on business outcomes rather than individual tasks. Data visualization and reporting are made fast and easy to support informed decision-making. The screen shown below illustrates how you can create a single view of all the processes that are waiting for your response.

Figure 2: Centralized Activity Dashboard


You can combine all your activities into a single convenient dashboard to improve your team's response to urgent matters.  Webparts30 can customize the systems user’s interface so that all of your favorite functions are just a click away.

Figure 3: Quick Access to Functions


It provides quick access to the various activities or business transactions but instead of giving you one content at a time, it can combine all related contents that are necessary for decision making. It can handle complex parent-child data entry forms that offers contextual documents, commentaries and approval audit trail.

Figure 4: Flexible Data Forms


This solution uses a centralized organization reporting structure so that it is easier to manage and to add new processes that can leverage on existing information rather than duplicating these information separately in each modules. 

Figure 5: Organization Chart

Since all solutions can share a common reporting or authorization structure, it is much easier to manage and add solutions centrally that leverage off a common definition. You can control what processes that your users can access to.

Figure 6: Common System Modules Repository


This module below helps you to find your employees easily from a centralized employee directory that can be shared across all applications.

Figure 7: Employee directory

Solutions Benefits

  • Easily customized solutions

  • Single view of approval

  • Centralized management of authority

  • Quick to deploy