From recruitment to retention

As COVID-19 continues to impact the global workforce, HR leaders are rethinking their workforce management approach to prepare for the coming year. How do you navigate through the current crisis, keep employee engagement high, and business thriving through 2021?

Here are the top 5 challenges that HR needs to address...

  1. Remote hiring and onboarding

  2. Sustaining mental health and well-being initiatives

  3. Building a data-driven culture

  4. Nurturing a fluid and agile workforce

  5. Redefining the employee experience


HR needs to both embrace and empower with technology. 

  • Digitalization skills have become the most crucial skills that HR needs to inculcate into their workforce, both from an acquisition and development perspective

  • Needs to partner with IT and innovation team to make this happen

  • Encourage sharing and learning by setting up communities

  • Help leaders to lead and manage in a digital workplace

  • Attune leaders and team members to be digitally savvy and secure

  • Promote "citizen development" and "hackathons" to uncover and promote talents 


Office 365 and its user empowerment tool is the platform of choice to make this happen to build communities, intranets, and self-service portals to serve its employee more effectively and efficiently.