People Working in Open Office

Making Office 365 works the way you want it to!

We transform Office 365 into the ultimate platform to handle your business workloads by enabling you to customize and re-organize it around your business contexts. Here are some use cases on how our clients used it to transform their business:

  1. Surface their customer delivery orders from their accounting system as a preventive maintenance schedule based on service schedules

  2. Automatically create installations checklist that can be "signed" by customer

  3.  Schedule on-site appointments for confirmed service into engineer's calendar

  4. Automatically generate service job sheets as word documents that field engineers can get their clients to "sign" on mobile devices upon completion.

  5. Automatically remind customer and salesperson of expiring service contract

  6. Automate creation of service contracts upon customer acceptance

  7. Keep audit trails of all activities

  8. Provide personalized dashboards for specific roles

  9. Automatically provide management with dashboards, reports, and analysis of team's performance over entire operations

  10. Provide central knowledge base for teams to share and collaborate


By using cloud service, Webparts360 lets your IT team focus on enabling business processes instead of worrying over "keeping the lights on" tasks associated with on-premise implementations.